LeBron says he’s still motivated by Orlando’s summer comments


LeBron James and the Miami Heat have already played the Orlando Magic twice — but don’t think he has moved on from this summer’s snide comments by Orlando brass.

LeBron’s comments yesterday showed he will be up for Thursday night’s meeting.

“The simple fact that it’s a division opponent, that means a lot,” James said. “Trying to win your division is very key. And also playing exceptionally well on the road is definitely key. That definitely helps later on in the season. And being an Orlando team that basically said a lot of things about us in the offseason, that definitely adds a little bit to the fire.”

If you forgot, Magic GM Otis Smith said. “I thought (James) was, I guess, more of a competitor.” Then Pat Riley jumped down Smith’s throat.

Most of us have moved on from the silliness of those days — to suggest LeBron was not a competitor because he decided to team up with two other stars is faulty logic — but LeBron hasn’t. He still has his black book of people who spoke ill of him and he is still plotting revenge in relatively meaningless February regular season games.

Note to LeBron: Only one thing proves you made the right decision — a ring. Doesn’t have to come this season, but it has to come. Or then you are open to criticism and being second-guessed. So save the revenge comments for games that actually matter.