People happy that Jim O’Brien is out include Tyler Hansbrough


Among the laundry list complaints about Jim O’Brien in Indiana was his constant tinkering with the lineup. Players like routine. O’Brien kept changing the rotations nightly. Frustration ensued.

O’Brien’s gone, Frank Vogel is in and the rotations are settled.

That means Tyler Hansbrough is headed to the bench — and he’s fine with that. He just wanted to know his role, he told the Indianapolis Star.

“It was frustrating because you didn’t know what was going to happen,” Hansbrough said. “You didn’t know how to prepare. It was one of those things where if I wasn’t going to play, I wish I knew….”

“It’s going to be fun now,” Hansbrough said. “Now I know how to prepare for each game. There’s no more guessing. I can be mentally and physically ready instead of not knowing and being out in the dark.”

Josh McRoberts will start at the four for the Pacers, Hansbrough will be tasked with being a scoring force off the bench. Which is fine, he at least knows what he is supposed to do.