George Karl thinks ‘Melo could be a Nugget all season

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Maybe this is just wishful thinking — if you’re a coach, you don’t want to lose your best scorer, you don’t want to embark on a rebuilding project. So you hope and convince yourself….

George Karl thinks Carmelo Anthony could be a Nugget through the end of the season, as he told the Associated Press.

“I’ve always felt from the very beginning of the season that the chance of that happening was greater than all you all thought,” Karl told reporters Monday before his Denver Nuggets faced the New Jersey Nets. “I just felt that way from the first day of training camp, from September, I’ve always felt that way.”

Asked his basis for that belief, Karl said: “Just my experiences in the NBA. Just making a big trade in the middle of the season is not an easy thing to do.”

That is true. And it has been hard for the Nuggets to come up with a deal that satisfies everyone. Especially themselves. They have delayed and kept trying to tack on more contracts to this deal, to the point they drove Mikhail Prokhorov and the Nets away. For now.

Anthony staying with the Nuggets feels  more like real possibility, even if it would be flirting with disaster for the Nuggets. Because if Anthony leaves as a free agent this summer and the Nuggets get nothing in return, well, have you see the Raptors and Cavaliers play this season?