Hawks and Knicks have a throwdown


Well, no one hit anyone in their junk, but turns out Celtics-Suns wasn’t the only dust-up Friday night. In the fourth quarter of the Hawks’ comfortable win over the Knicks, two players got tangled up, and punches were thrown.

Now, having known that, what two players would you guess were involved? Wilson Chandler? Zaza Pachulia? Josh Smith? Turiaf? You might guess any of these players. And you would be wrong.

No, the offenders were Marvin Williams and Shawne Williams. Then Landry Fields got involved. Amar’e tried to hold everybody back, and Raymond Felton wound up in there and it was just a mess. Take a look.


So you have to think someone’s going to get suspended over this. Closed-fist swings will almost always get you a game or two, and there’s no star power to cover their trail here. Also interesting was this quote from Amar’e Stoudemire about Al Horford after the game:

“I don’t know what Horford’s thinking. He needs to calm down. He’s not the type of player”.
via Steve Adamek of The Record.

Al Horford versus Amar’e Stoudemire. This is quite possibly the most intellectual feud in the NBA.