Chris Paul thinks Hornets should be on national television. At least once.


Voters — wise folks that you are — swept Chris Paul into a starting spot on the Western Conference NBA All-Stars.

When asked about it by Art Garcia at and the Hang Time blog he spit out the usual clichés — then he took a little swing at those setting the television schedule.

“I think it’s big, and I’m unbelievably grateful for the fans for it, because I’ve probably got to be the only All-Star who hadn’t played yet on national TV.”

He’s right. Those national television schedules are set before the season starts with the guys in suits trying to cherry pick games. Last season — with Paul injured for much of it — the Hornets were both bad and not entertaining to watch. They’re in a small market.

So they got shafted. A few teams get shafted every year — this season Minnesota, Detroit, Toronto and New Jersey are the other teams not to have a national game (on ABC, ESPN or TNT). If course, all those teams are well out of the playoff hunt with losing records. The Hornets are 30-16.

So the fans got what the television executives did not. We’ve all seen that play out before, haven’t we?

(By the way, the Hornets are on ESPN March 6.)