PBT Thursday morning one liners


New feature here at PBT — which we are stealing from ProFootballTalk, and if we get the chance we’re going to take Florio’s lunch money, too —  that is a collection of links from things we find interesting (but didn’t turn into a full post).

James Johnson likely will be assigned to the D-League by the Chicago Bulls.

Interesting Q&A with Monta Ellis where he explains the reason he was so angry at Stephen Curry when he arrived was that the Warriors had told him they were not drafting another guard.

Grandmama, er, Larry Johnson wants to sell you some sweet tea.

Joakim Noah has had the pins taken out of his thumb and is closer to returning to the Bulls.

Kevin Durant loves him some Jimmer Fredette (the two have worked out together)

There are several reports that the Nuggets are warming to trading with the Knicks. I can’t tell if that’s the truth through the smokescreen.

No, Troy Murphy is not coming back to the Nets to showcase himself for a trade.

Chris Paul will be an All-Star starter, but Monty Williams is trying to make a case for David West to make the team (and Emeka Okafor).

The Miami Heat bought Tim Hardaway’s house.

Doug Collins likes the way Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala defend together.