Blake Griffin is fine. Stop worrying. It’s just a bruise.


If it weren’t for that whole “missing last season” thing, we’d have put a red cape on the back of Blake Griffin and be constructing a myth of invincibility around the man right now. I mean, we’ve seen him fly, so we can assume bullets bounce right off him, right?

Dallas’ Brendan Haywood put that to the test last night when he prevented another Griffin highlight dunk by gabbing Griffin’s arm and throwing him to the ground. Flagrant foul style.

Griffin came out of the game for a while, got a sleeve over his injured elbow and came back in.

The good news is post-game X-rays showed no damage (via Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times). It’s officially a left-elbow contusion. Just a bruise. Like you get when you bang your shin on the coffee table, except Griffin has to be flung to the floor to suffer such human maladies.

Griffin likely will play Wednesday night in Houston.

This is all good for Haywood, too. If he had kept Griffin out of the All-Star weekend Dunk Contest, he would have become public enemy No. 1 around the league.