LaMarcus Aldridge’s X-rays, MRI negative, just a hip bruise


UPDATE 9:48 pm: The results of LaMarcus Aldridge’s MRI are in and it was negative, too. This is just a hip bruise. I can say “just,” those things hurt. But in the world of Trail Blazers injuries, that isn’t one. Not really. Good news that Aldridge will keep going and will not miss time.

1:43 pm: I don’t know who is sticking pins in the Trail Blazers voodoo doll, but it’s not funny. Not even Lakers fans wish this kind of destruction on the Blazers.

The latest news is that potential All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge has been hurting. General Manager Rich Cho told reporters after the Blazers loss Monday night that Aldridge was having X-rays on his sore right hip.

So far the news is good — the X-rays came back negative, according to Jason Quick of the Oregonian. Next up is an MRI, he adds.

We’re going to dwell on the positive though and note that the X-ray results bode well for the long term. So does Aldridge saying after the game Monday this was “nothing.” He should have a frame of reference as he has previously had surgery on his left hip.

Blazers fans are a little sensitive around the issues of injuries after Brandon Roy and Greg Oden and Marcus Camby and… we don’t really have the space to list all the team’s injuries here. There is only so much room on the Internet.