Gregg Popovich is your West All-Star Game coach


One side is official — Spurs coach Greg Popovich will coach the West in the NBA All-Star Game Feb. 20.

With the Spurs win over the Warriors Monday they clinched having the best record in the West on the Feb. 6 cutoff date. He’ll probably be on his best behavior, but we can hope that Popovich has the distain and snarky attitude during All-Star Game coach’s interviews that he shows during the season.

His likely counterpart will be Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics, but Miami or Chicago can still catch them in the East before Feb 6.

Popovich will have some real work to do. When the All-Star Game starters are announced Thursday night on TNT, Yao Ming will be chosen as the starting center in the West. He is out injured for the game, obviously. Popovich can choose his replacement, going with second leading vote getter at center Andrew Bynum of the Lakers; or he could do the smart thing and start Pau Gasol there, freeing up some space at forward for another player.