Steph Curry doesn’t like the idea of being traded


Last week, new Golden State owner Joe Lacob said that Stephen Curry was not untouchable. For the right offer, they would consider moving him.

That was an official change of pace for the Warriors, even though Lacob made it clear you were going to have to blow the Warriors doors off with your offer. Before Curry was the untouchable one, now anyone could be moved in the right deal.

That meant a weekend of Bay Area sports talk shows and bloggers trying to come up with trade scenarios for him.

None of this sits all that well with Curry, he told the Oakland Tribune.

“It’s a bit of a shock, because you feel like you’re doing everything else you were supposed to be doing,” Curry said Sunday. “Especially since I’ve never been in a situation where me changing teams or being traded would be an option, it’s kind of like a weird thing to think about. But they’ve been straightforward about what they see in us and it’s all been positive for me, so I don’t have any problem brushing that off.”

Curry has put up 66 points in the team’s last couple games, since the comments came out.

What Lacob is trying to signal to the world is that the Warriors will look at everything, that they don’t have a player who is untouchable. That is a shift, but it also is a far cry from saying it is likely Curry or Monta Ellis were to get moved. Lacob rightly said it’s about what you’re getting in return.

Translation — if you want Curry you’re going to have to offer us something we can’t say no to. That means you’re going to have to do better than Timofey Mozgov, Knicks fans.