You’ll never believe it, but Blake Griffin had a big dunk


Once upon a time, there was a man. Okay, I don’t think that’s verifiable at this point.  All of our evidence seems to suggest he’s somehow more than a man. Some sort of part-man, part-robot, part-beast combination. A man-beast-bot. Anyway, he did something insane that involved jumping again last night. Observe.

That’s a tasty meatball.

Griffin finished with 30-18-8, two assists shy of a triple double. He hit 9-10 from the stripe and even nailed a three. A three. Which is like a T-Rex suddenly understanding deductive logic. In short, we’re doomed, and I recommend we barricade ourselves in the cities before Griffin takes to burninating the countryside.

You know, they say the biggest threat to mankind is our insatiable thirst for war. I disagree. It’s Blake Griffin.