Video: On fifth anniversary, watch Kobe drop 81 again


Five years ago Saturday, Kobe Bryant took over a game like nobody ever quite had before. Sure, Wilt got triple digits one time, but that had an element of sham to it (his teammates were fouling to stop the clock and get the ball back so they could feed him and get him over the mark).

Kobe Bryant didn’t drop 81 on the Toronto Raptors because he could, he did it because he needed to. Well, a little of both, really. But he did it in the flow of the game. The Lakers trailed early to the Raptors and L.A. was playing in one of its lazy funks that it still suffers from at times. And, as he does now, Kobe decided to put the team on his back and carry them to a win.

Except he was red hot like he never had been before. Against a shaky Raptors defense. The result was 81.

Watch every point again. Unless you’re a Raptors fan, then you might want to go grab a beer and try to forget.