Larry Brown wants to return to coaching. Of course he does.


What, you thought Larry Brown would go gently into that good night? Ha!

The Associated Press caught up Brown, the former Bobcats (and Knicks and Pistons and Sixers and Pacers and Clippers and…) coach as he hung out with old friend Jay Wright and that coach’s Villanova Wildcats to “get his basketball fix.” Which makes sense. Whatever you want to say about Larry Brown the coach, the guy clearly loves the game. He has an NCAA title (thank you Danny Manning) and an NBA title to his credit.

In fact, he loves the sport too much to give it up. Go ahead and ask him if he wants to coach again.

“I would like to,” coach again, Brown said. “I don’t want to end the way this one ended. Right now, the most important thing is I’m getting time with my family.”

A chill just went up D.J. Augustin’s spine.

It’s not likely to happen, at least any time soon. But at some point would it shock you if an owner with North Carolina ties decided that a guy like Brown would be perfect to help guide his young point guard along? No. It wouldn’t be the wisest decision ever, but we can see it happening.