Kobe clears everything up: Denver fans weren’t “stupid,” they were “idiots”


Kobe Bryant is used to getting booed in Denver, so when they rain down on him Friday night it should be no big deal.

Thursday, when asked about fans in Denver booing Carmelo Anthony after he dropped 35 on Oklahoma City in a Nugget win, he said the fans in Denver were “stupid.” His point: If you want to try to keep the guy in town, maybe booing him is not the brightest idea ever.

Before the Lakers took on the Nuggets Friday, Kobe was given the chance to retract that statement. As the Associated Press reports, he didn’t exactly go that direction.

“I said they were idiots for booing,” Bryant recounted.

Reminded that a day earlier he had characterized those frustrated fans as “stupid” for booing their own superstar, Bryant replied, “Stupid and idiots are synonymous.”

Idiots might be harsher.

“I don’t know,” Bryant said. “They’re close. They’re cousins.”

Between Bryant and Anthony, fans in Denver are going to get a lot of boos in tonight. That or they’re saying boo-urns. (I was saying boo-urns.)