Blake Griffin rookie card auctioning for $14,999


You were just thinking: Should I buy a new car or a Blake Griffin rookie card? We know you were.

Because it turns out they are about the same price, as The Rookie Wall reports.

Panini, who manufactures the trading cards for the NBA, blogged about the rising value of Blake’s rookie cards. The National Treasures card has a few variations with the “base” version, which is limited to 99 copies, that features a picture of Griffin, a swatch of his jersey, and his signature. Currently the “base” version is valued at $2,500 in Beckett, which is the industry standard for basketball card pricing. Copies of the “base” version are selling for more than $3,000 on eBay.

The version listed for $14,999 is limited to just FIVE copies and features the same picture, same signature, and a “premium” jersey swatch, which is usually from the number, name, or logo with multiple colors.

I like basketball cards as much as the next guy (I have an old Dr. J in the ABA card when his afro was the size of a small island nation). I’m a Blake Griffin fan like everyone else on the planet (save Timofey Mozgov). But $15K?

Even though I certainly have that kind of pocket change lying around — because we bloggers are paid handsomely — I can think of one or two better uses for that money. Such as a two waterproof pool tables.