Kobe Bryant on Denver fans booing ‘Melo: “That’s stupid”


Carmelo Anthony dropped 35 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder, taking over the fourth quarter, in what was one of the — if not the — best wins of the season for the Nuggets Wednesday. And still fans booed him during the post game, on court interview.

Kobe Bryant doesn’t get that, as he told Chris Tomasson of FanHouse.

“That’s stupid,” star guard Kobe Bryant said in speaking with FanHouse and the Denver Post after the Lakers practiced Thursday at the Pepsi Center in preparation for Friday’s game against Denver. “That’s not very smart…”

“Put yourself in his shoes,” Bryant said. “If you’re teeter-tottering about going somewhere, he’d be more inclined to go to another place where they’re going to cheer you rather than boo you.”

It’s impossible to rule out Anthony signing an extension and staying in Denver, because in this fluid situation it’s impossible to rule anything out. The Nuggets could be stuck without a trade partner and Anthony could decide that the money potentially lost in a new Collective Bargaining Agreement outweighs his desire to go to New York.

But the waters in Denver seem poisoned. Whenever Anthony has been asked if re-signing with Denver was a possibility, he said yes — until last night. Last night he dodged the question (from Tomasson). Twice.

Who knows if the boos impacted that or not. Can’t believe it helps, though.