Change of plans: owners, players to meet, talk CBA All-Star weekend. That won’t stop the lockout.


Yesterday we told you about the report that the owners did not want to sit down with the players and talk new Collective Bargaining Agreement during the All-Star festivities… well turns out they are.

Not that it will matter much, but they’ll talk.

Sam Amick of FanHouse, who got word from the players the owners didn’t want to meet, says that ownership has changed its mind. The two sides will sit down All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

What this really does is give the players a chance to make a show of solidarity. As they did last year big stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and others will sit in on the meeting in an effort to show the owners a unified front. They’ll do it when the entire NBA media is gathered in one place so they can tell them about it.

But don’t expect any breakthroughs during this show.

The two sides remain far, far apart. I have yet to meet an honestly optimistic source on this. The lockout is still coming July 1. The only question is will it cost games starting around Halloween, or will the two sides figure out now not to shoot themselves in the foot by striking in a bad economy at a time the league is gaining momentum.