Paul Silas is crazy — he wants Kwame Brown to shoot

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Phil Jackson got about as much production as anyone has out of Kwame Brown when he was with the Lakers. He did it by limiting his role — focus only on rebounding and defense in the paint. Don’t shoot unless it’s a dunk. Stay out of Kobe’s way. Pretty much every coach Brown has had in the pros said variations of the same thing.

Paul Silas has done the opposite, Brown told the Charlotte Observer.

It was funny Sunday when Brown told me every previous NBA coach, over nine seasons, had one way or another discouraged him from shooting. Put it this way. Brown took nine shots, (Stephen) Jackson 24 and they ended up with the same number of points (15).

Brown has had double-doubles the last two games, hitting 10 of 15 shots in the process. He may really be comfortable in this system. But Bobcats fans would be making a mistake to think he’s turned a corner — witness his pass that was stolen in the final minute of the overtime loss to the Sixers Monday. (Granted, Brown was put in a bad position by Boris Diaw on the play, but when faced with a pressure chance Brown made the bad choice.) Kwame as a big body backup center has some use, but expect much beyond that is to make a mistake many others have had before you.