If Knicks trade for 2012 pick, they can trade 2011 and 2013


Knicks GM Donnie Walsh has said he has a way to get more than one first round draft pick — a not so subtle comment aimed at the Denver Nuggets (who still are working hard with the Nets on a Carmelo Anthony trade and are avoiding the Knicks like they have the Hantavirus).

There have been talks about trading Anthony Randolph for one pick, but how he could  Walsh get two? Over at Newsday Alan Hahn says it’s simple — if the Knicks trade Anthony Randolph for a 2012 first round pick (replacing the one Isiah Thomas traded away), then they could trade their 2011 and 2013 picks. The NBA rule is that a team cannot trade away their first-round pick in consecutive years (although once you draft a player you can instantly trade him), and as the Knicks don’t have a 2012 right now they have no picks to trade until 2014.

The Knicks 2011 pick is one the Houston Rockets can swap with (each team trading draft locations), although as things stand now the Rockets would pass on that, they are in the lottery and the Knicks are four games over .500.

As with all things Carmelo related it comes down to this — until he makes a decision about the Nets or Knicks, it’s all moot. If he chooses the Nets, Walsh and the Knicks move on to Plan B (or C or D or L or whatever they are up to now). If it is the Knicks, it’s time to talk picks.