Detroit fans chant, “We want Rip”

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Rip Hamilton sat again Monday, a fourth consecutive DNP-CD on the scorecard (Did Not Play, Coach’s Decision).

Some Pistons fans want none of it and started chanting “We want Rip” during the team’s victory over Dallas Monday, according to the Detroit News. Admittedly it wasn’t a huge roar, but at least some fans realize that this team is better when he plays (although they didn’t need him against the slumping Mavericks).

Almost certainly the benching is so he doesn’t get injured because he is part of the proposed three-team Carmelo Anthony trade and the Pistons really want that to happen. Of course, with coach John Kuester’s erratic lineups we can never be totally sure, but even he would not bench Rip this long. It is about the trade.

It seems Hamilton has played his last game as a Piston, even if the Anthony deal falls through Hamilton will be moved somewhere. But for now he sits, and those chants may grow louder.