Rudy Fernandez loves Portland and doesn’t want to be traded. Why would you think that?

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Rudy Fernandez loves Portland. Loves playing basketball there. He told the Oregonian he doesn’t want to be traded he just wants to keep on being a Blazers.

Why would you think otherwise? Oh yea, this summer when his agent demanded a trade and even threatened a holdout at one point. Fernandez’s people demanding a trade or an outright release of his deal so he could play somewhere he wanted to be, like New York or Spain, because he and coach Nate McMillan could not get along.

Now, it’s all puppy dogs and rainbows with Fernandez in Portland.

“I want to be here. I’m having fun. I bought a home. I bought a car. I don’t know what else I can do to prove I want to be here. I’m playing now, too.”

Actually, Fernandez is playing less this season, about three minutes less per game than he did last season (although he played in only 62 games last season and barring injury that should jump closer to a full 82 this time around). He’s also shooting a lower percentage this season.

But he has a friend on the team in Patty Mills, the Australian and NBA rookie. Having a friend on a team — with all the travel and down time in the NBA — really matters. With a new buddy, Fernandez is happy and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Which is usually when guys get traded.