Garnett says Celtics should learn lesson from Patriots loss


You’d think fine people in Boston would be used to losing sporting events to teams from New York by now. But apparently not as most of New England is in stunned silence about the Patriots loss to the loudmouth New York Jets on Saturday.

Kevin Garnett, writing on his blog in China (for his shoe company), says that the Celtics went as a team to the game and came away with a lesson (via Celtics blog).

“Weekend was slow and went as a team to the Patriots game. They lost and the stadium was in shock. Crazy that they were supposed to be the best team and now they are out. That is why I want our guys to see that we can’t take anything for granted and we need to play as if we could be eliminated.”

The Celtics have been playing all season like a team not taking anything for granted, which is more the result of having a 3-2 games lead in the NBA finals last season and watching Kobe Bryant get to lift up the trophy. After that, not sure how much of a reminder the Patriots can be.

The advantage in the NBA is that we are talking seven-game series, so the better team will basically always win out. And right now, there are not many teams who could claim to be better than the Celtics.