Blake Griffin puts up 47, NBA one-game high for season. He’s more than dunks.


Blake Griffin is a basketball stud.

I don’t mean in the highlight dunk kind of way… well, yes I do. That too. He has more dunks than anyone in the league by a long shot. But in the “this guy can flat out ball” kind of way.

He dropped 47 on the Indiana Pacers Monday afternoon at Staples — the highest single game point total of anyone in the league this season. He shot 19 of 24.

And if you think he needs to develop his midrange game — you’re right, but he is getting there. This season Griffin is shooting 36 percent from 10-15 feet, just a little below the 38.9 percent average for power forwards (according to He has been hesitant to take the shot at times.

But Monday he was six of nine from the midrange (14 to 19 feet) and was five-of-six from the left wing. He wasn’t hesitant, he was feeling it. And when you have to start respecting his midrange game, more drives and dunks open up. His all around game is developing.

You just have the feeling this 47 is not the last 47 for him.