About that O.J. Mayo/Knicks rumor, Denver reportedly isn’t interested


This really should have been expected.

The Knicks are scrounging around trying to insert themselves back into the Carmelo Anthony trade talks. They started talking with the Memphis Grizzlies to come up with a trade package that might include O.J. Mayo.

And the Nets said “no thanks, not interested”, according to a tweet from Chris Broussard of ESPN. That would fit with the ongoing pattern of the Nuggets wanting nothing to do with dealing with New York. Broussard also said Mayo didn’t really like the idea of going to Denver — but he would love to be a Knick.

Knicks fans, let’s be honest. There is only one way ‘Melo is coming to the Knicks — he tells the Nets, Nuggets and his agents that New York is the only place he will go, and if a trade isn’t worked out he’ll do it via free agency.

That means he meets with Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov and tells them no to their face. That means he tells his agents — who desperately want him to sign the extension so he doesn’t potentially leave tens of millions on the table under whatever the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will look like — that it is only the Knicks and to stop messing around with other scenarios. It is him telling all the teams that have spent weeks and countless hours putting together the Nets three-team trade he is not playing along.

Does that seem likely to you?