Sacramento Kings to play in “Power Balance” Arena

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Well, the arena in Sacramento is older, but starting next year we know it’s less likely to fall over. Maybe.

Sactown Royalty broke the story (later confirmed by the team) that as of next season the ARCO Arena will be known as the Power Balance Arena. ARCO had a 25-year naming rights deal that will be up at the end of this season (and you wonder why they need a new arena).

Orange County based Power Balance will have a five-year naming rights deal (with the current situation of the Kings ownership looking hard for new ways to get an arena built in the city as well as other options, it wouldn’t be prudent to go any longer with a deal).

Power Balance is a controversial product. The company sells wristbands — worn by a number of NBA players — that  “use holographic technology” to “work with your body’s natural energy field” to improve balance and athletic performance.

The Phoenix Suns Jared Dudley has said the Phoenix Suns training staff is a backer of it, and some players swear by it including Lamar Odom. Manu Ginobili called it a “placebo.” There also are no shortage of people and Web sites that think these are voodoo. Frankly, we’re more qualified to comment on voodoo than Power Balance bands, so we’ll stay out of the debate. I’ll add that I don’t own one and have had the chance.

But we’ll be using the name a lot the next five years (or so).