Vintage Artest got physical with Knicks, new Artest says don’t expect that again


In a lot of ways, it looked like vintage Ron Artest on Sunday when the Lakers played the Knicks.

He was physical and a pest. He picked up a flagrant foul for a hard hit on Amar’e Stoudemire and got a technical for getting into it with Shawne Williams.

Except the new Ron Artest regretted it and said on Twitter not to expect more of that.

i wont be that aggressive if yal looking for that just mental toughness that was the old ron today i dont know where he came from

bye bye old RON too much emotion for me i am getting old

YAL HAVE TO WATCH BOXING OR UFC TO SEE THAT. i was actually very mad at myself for gettin that emotional piece out tweeters.

He is maturing. That vintage Artest was also an inefficient player (he was 2 of 9 shooting against the Knicks) so Phil Jackson would like back some of that more controlled Artest who knocks down his shots.