Stephen Jackson says Bobcats had to fire Larry Brown


The Charlotte Bobcats are 4-2 since Larry Brown got fired.

This was a listless 9-19 team that was being ground down by Brown. Point guard D.J. Augustin was playing trying not to make a mistake, because every time he did Brown was all over him. Or benching him. That same attitude seemed to permeate the team.

Stephen Jackson said Sunday the Bobcats had to let Brown go.

“It’s kind of like losing a team. Nobody wanted to play no more,” Jackson said. “Everybody wanted to play a different style than we were playing. We didn’t agree with what was going on. Obviously, it wasn’t working, so we needed a change. We had to figure something out….

“We’re younger and we have to play a little faster,” Jackson said. “The makeup of the team is different and I think now with Paul (Silas) as coach the young guys have more confidence to go out there and play basketball and not worry about coming out of the game.”

Silas is letting the players make some mistakes without fear of repercussions. The tempo has picked up and so has the offensive efficiency.

The Bobcats are a long way from contending and will very likely not get back to the playoffs this year. The roster needs work. But at least now Silas is getting more out of what the Bobcats have — and they are entertaining to watch again. Which hasn’t been true for a couple of years.