Kahn says not to expect big moves from Timberwolves


Sure, the Timberwolves are 9-29, the third worst record in the league. But to hear Team President David Kahn is to hear someone preach of a Zen like patience and understanding. To hear someone who understands their chance will come and not to rush headlong into anything.

That or it’s to hear someone trying to save his job. Either way it may well frustrate Wolves fans, but patience was the word of the day when Kahn spoke to the Associated Press.

“As painful as this is, there was no way to do this with a quick fix and put the team into a position to dramatically rise overnight,” Kahn said after practice. “It is really painful to work your way through this process. I’m actually encouraged that maybe it won’t be as painful for as long as I once worried it would be.”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, is imminent with our team right now,” he said. “I’m focused on helping the players and coaches turn the corner this month, or whenever that may be. We’re not looking to do anything on a trade basis at this point.”

The Wolves have a player other teams covet in Kevin Love, a rebounding machine with a soft shot. They also have Michael Beasley, who has proven to be an above-average scorer this season, if not a guy who should be leading the team. The Wolves also have Darko Milicic. He’s tall. They have Ricky Rubio. He’s in Europe.

Kahn is preaching patience, which to a degree is right. Love would be a great number two, Beasley could grow into a role on a quality team. But this team needs a star, an ace. Maybe Rubio can be that guy, maybe not. The draft is the way to go as it is going to be hard to draw a sought-after super star to Minnesota as a free agent.

The good news is, the way they are playing they should have plenty of lottery Ping-Pong balls this June to get the star they need (if he exists in this draft).