If ‘Melo trade happens, Devin Harris could be moved again

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One of the many parts on the move in the proposed and on-the-cusp Carmelo Anthony trade is point guard Devin Harris going from New Jersey to Denver.

But that might not be his final stop.

The Dallas Mavericks might make a move to go get Harris from Denver, according to Mark Stein at ESPN. And you can be sure that if Dallas is thinking about it other teams are as well.

Harris spent his first three-and-a-half seasons with the Mavericks before being traded to the Nets as part of the Jason Kidd deal. Now the Mavs are looking for a guy who can help fill in some for Caron Butler, be a backup point guard and be a potential long-term successor to Kidd. Harris would fit the bill.

Denver doesn’t need Harris, they would want to turn the team over to Ty Lawson at the point. Harris has two years, nearly $18 million in salary left after this season that Denver probably doesn’t want on the books either.

Just something to watch. There will be other ripples off the big splash of a ‘Melo trade. If it happens.