Report: Danny Granger no longer untouchable with Pacers


For the past few years now the Indiana Pacers have gotten phone calls asking about the availability of swingman Danny Granger for a trade. To which the callers were politely told they should put their time into more productive pursuits, like a game of Angry Birds, he was not available.

Except, now he might be according to Marc Stein at ESPN.

That doesn’t mean they are going to move him, it means that now they will at least listen to offers rather than dismiss them outright. You’re going to have to blow the Pacers doors off, but they’ll listen now.

Coming off a summer with USA Basketball and winning a gold medal in Turkey, Granger’s game has taken steps back this season. He is attacking less — getting one shot fewer at the rim per game and is getting to the foul line less often as well compared to last season. He’s also not shooting quite as well from about everywhere and is turning the ball over a little more often.

The bloom is off the rose with Granger in Indiana, but this is still a quality player that a lot of teams think will be helped by a change of scenery. Of course, those teams would have to be willing to take on the three years, $39 million he is owed after this season.

Maybe nobody will, but now there are conversations about Granger, which is a change of pace.