Stan Van Gundy says Hakeem not only reason Dwight Howard improved


Whenever Hakeem Olajuwon — the big man with the most polished game of his generation — works with a young player it is news. It’s a sign that players (including Kobe Bryant) are going to the mountaintop to seek the guru.

Dwight Howard did that this summer. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy wants you to know that’s not the only reason for Howard’s improved arsenal of shots this season, as reported at FanHouse.

“This isn’t a knock on anybody, but Hakeem has gotten more credit for two hours than anyone I’ve ever seen,” Van Gundy said with very little prompting. “I mean, they were in a gym for two hours, three hours, and all of a sudden every shot Dwight makes is because of Hakeem…”

“There is not anybody alive who’s turning somebody’s game around in three hours,” Van Gundy said. “Dwight has done a lot of work, and I’m sure Hakeem gave him some advice, but that’s just starting to annoy me.”

Van Gundy was really on a roll at his press conferences Wednesday and discussed Miami players calling themselves “The Heatles” as well.

“They (Heat) are pretty impressed with themselves,” Van Gundy said. “But we don’t need Miami to get people to our arena.”

I wonder what Van Gundy would say if Chris Bosh went to work out with Olajuwon.