Odom promises new reality show won’t be distraction


There’s an irony in how much time Phil Jackson and Lamar Odom had to spend Wednesday saying Odom’s new reality show is not going to be a distraction to the Lakers.

But they both said it, as Brett Pollakoff reported at FanHouse:

“Lamar usually doesn’t get distracted by things that are outside (basketball),” Jackson said, before his Lakers faced the Suns on Wednesday. “I know the Kardashians will be very careful with what they do.”

“Of course,” Odom replied, when asked if people will be quick to point to the show as a distraction if he’s not playing well. “That’s almost like the added incentive a little bit. But if I play bad, we’re going to talk about it anyways, so I don’t feel any added pressure. I’ll make sure I remain sharp and stay in the gym, but basketball is basketball.”

They play in Los Angeles, where there already are more distractions than in Memphis or Oklahoma City. But this is also a veteran Laker locker room that is used to tuning out such things. There is nothing but distractions by the time you reach the NBA finals, but the team has been able to keep its focus through that in the past.

How invasive a presence the cameras turn out to be — how much access they have into areas other media do not — remains to be seen.

Filming starts in the next couple weeks, with the show to start airing in April. You can bet Jackson already has his DVR set.