Memphis fines Tony Allen for fight, doesn’t mention O.J. Mayo


The Memphis Grizzlies are trying hard to move past the fight between O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen fight over a gambling debt on a recent flight.

In what the team hopes will be the final act it announced it has fined Tony Allen for his part in the altercation. The release does not mention O.J. Mayo, as first noted by Marc Stein of ESPN on twitter.

That may seem a little odd because by all accounts Mayo was the verbal instigator of the incident. Mayo owed money to Allen from a card-game gambling debt and kept taunting Allen (who has a reputation as a tough guy) to the point that Allen just snapped and took swings at Mayo.

It is possible that there was discipline for Mayo and it was kept within the team. Mayo did not play in the Grizzlies last game for what was officially called a case of bronchitis. Nobody believes it, but that’s their story and they are sticking to it.

For their part, both Mayo and Allen have said they have moved on, as they told the Washington Post.

“Me, O.J. and the team, we pretty much had a whole practice on focusing on our offense and getting better with our defense,” Allen said. “I pretty much think it’s behind us. That’s how we’re looking at it at this point.”

“There definitely was an altercation between me and T.A.,” Mayo said. “By the way, that’s one of my good friends on this team. So, no hard feelings amongst each other.”