Leaked video hints Blake Griffin to be in dunk contest


Honestly, if Blake Griffin is not in the dunk contest the whole thing will fail before it even begins. Just like TRON.

So good news in the form of a leaked then quickly pulled video found on NBA.com — Griffin may well be in. The link was found by the blog Get Banged On (a blog of dunk highlights, via Ball Don’t Lie and the legendary Skeets twitter account).

The video (which can be seen here) was on Blake Griffin’s NBA.com page, linked with the words “It’s Official — DO NOT PUBLISH” (which is always going to get you to click). It is a bunch of testimonials from Clipper teammates and broadcaster Ralph Lawler about how Blake Griffin needs to be in the dunk contest and how good he would do in it. Interspersed with Griffin dunk highlights, of course.

It’s the kind of prep work a team of Web staff and marketing people would do if there was going to be an announcement of Griffin being in the All-Star Weekend dunk contest.

Combine that with Griffin saying he would be open to the idea if invited, the “it’s official” link on the video, the fact everyone wants to see him in the contest, and you don’t need to believe there are little green men in Area 51 to believe that Griffin is headed to the dunk contest.

As he should be.