Blake Griffin has some “things up my sleeve” for dunk contest


It wasn’t just basketball fans thinking about Blake Griffin in the All-Star Dunk Contest, apparently he’s been thinking about it, too.

In a video interview on (via The Rookie Wall), Griffin says in his kind of understated way that he has been thinking about this and may have a few ideas.

“I think I’m just gonna try and get up as high as possible and throw it down as hard as possible. You know, put a little show in there, put a little pizazz and see what we can come out with. Hopefully I’ll have the home court advantage, but I don’t know, we got a lot of good guys in there so I’m definitely going to try to play into that a little bit.”

“I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. I’m not showing them yet.”

I’m trying not to over-hype this in my mind, for fear it can’t live up to the expectations. But man, this could be amazing.