Just to reiterate, ‘Melo is not returning to Denver


Last week, during the hiatus in the Carmelo Anthony trade talks around the tragic death of his sister, Denver Nuggets officials reportedly said that before they traded Anthony they wanted to see him, Chauncey Billups, Nene, Kenyon Martin and the whole healthy Nuggets team together first.

As if that might change Anthony’s mind. As if he might see it all and pick up a pen and sign the three-year, $65 million deal sitting on the table and just stay put.

In a little note buried in David Aldridge’s weekly (and must read) column for NBA.com came this little nugget (pardon the pun):

Of course, when asked, ‘Melo says he’s just playing and isn’t thinking about the future, which is absurd on its face, as he’s left a $65 million extension on the table for months (and just, again, told the Nuggets last week that he had no intention of re-signing in Denver, according to a source.)

So just to reiterate, wherever ‘Melo is playing next — New York, New Jersey, Houston, Orlando, Turkey along side Allen Iverson — it will not be in Denver.

Which is what ‘Melo’s people have been telling Denver’s front office since this summer, but Denver just now may be moving on to the acceptance phase of this trade.