Ron Artest helps Lakers’ fans vent on twitter

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All day Monday, Lakers fans have been acting like, well, Lakers fans. No fan base get more frustrated more quickly with a championship team, no fans turn on them as quickly. Certainly t the team is not playing up to its own standards, but to listen to Lakers fans on Los Angeles talk radio is to listen to a sense of entitlement that would embarrass a wealthy teenager.

That said, the Lakers have played uninspired basketball for weeks now, an nobody more so than Ron Artest. It usually takes players about a season to learn the triangle offense, but Sunday night in a game midway into his second year, Ron Artest threw perplexing passes, was out of position, missed shots and just didn’t seem to get it.

Artest’s fans let him know it on twitter — and he retweeted them (as noted first at the OC Register).

@RONARTESTCOM step yo game up Ron

@RONARTESTCOM when you make a layup, tweet me back. Thanks.

@RONARTESTCOM What is going in that locker room, man? You guys are embarrassing yourselves and crushing your fans.

@RONARTESTCOM I miss the days when u were a champion. Should we trade u?

Ron Artest followed it up with.

“i hear this”

Hearing it and acting on it are two different things. We shall see.