Gallinari’s knee injury appears not that serious

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When the Pacers’ Brandon Rush fell and rolled into the knee of the Knicks’ Danilo Gallinari Sunday afternoon it didn’t look good. You saw Gallinari’s knee bend awkwardly, you saw him go to the floor and soon limp into the locker room.

What you didn’t see was later, when he was walking out of Madison Square garden with barely any limp. Gallinari told Chris Sheridan of ESPN he didn’t think Monday’s MRI would turn up anything all that serious.

“I think I will play (on Tuesday). We were not talking about that after the game, because right now I still have the adrenaline going, and a lot of pain goes down when you have the adrenaline going,” Gallinari said. “It was not feeling the feelings you feel when you break something.”

Don’t be surprised if Gallinari misses a game or two, but it doesn’t sound like the MRI is going to show a serious injury where he would miss significant time. Which at the time of the injury seemed very possible. This is a break for the Knicks.