Carmelo Anthony tells Michael Jordan, Bobcats “no thanks”

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The Bobcats are a struggling franchise. On the court and at the gate. Something or someone needs to change that.

Someone like Carmelo Anthony.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan reached out to Melo and his people before contacting the Nuggets and throwing his hat in the ring of the Anthony sweepstakes, only to be told no thanks, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo. Like other teams, the Bobcats would only want Anthony if they could sign him to an extension, which gives Melo an almost veto power over a trade.

There seemed to be an in for Charlotte because Anthony wears Jordan brand Nike shoes and is one of the top endorsers of the line. Plus, you know, Michael Jordan.

But the answer was no. Well, we hope more like “no, thank you” but the result is the same.

There are likely other long shot teams making requests. They will get the same response. And they don’t have someone like Jordan doing the asking. It still comes down the Knicks and maybe the Nets unless there is a team willing to put together a good package just to rent him for the rest of this season.