Report: Cavs have interest in Andray Blatche


The News Herald reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made inquiries into trading for Wizards forward Andray Blatche.

It’s an interesting approach if they go down that road. The Cavaliers have Anderson Varejao and J.J. Hickson, though Hickson has fallen back into the riff-raff of the roster. Blatche would give them a legit starting power forward and possibly allow them to move Varejao who is seen as their most valuable trade asset in terms of player value at this point. The problem is Blatche’s attitude.

Blatche considers himself a star, even though he’s nothing special on either end, with a decent mid-range jumper and some athleticism. He’s not a player you can build around and acquiring him means he’s the first guy after LeBron you make a significant long-term investment in. That’s not how you want to start off your rebuilding process. Furthermore Mo Williams already sees himself as the top dog on the floor for the Cavs and Antawn Jamison is still on the roster, along with Hickson. It’s hard to see what adding Blatche does for you other than create a logjam which would necessitate a trade, weakening your trade position and netting worse value.

But hey, it’s Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans World, Cavs fans are just living in it.