LeBron on dunk contest: “Blake Griffin has home court advantage”


LeBron James admitted to the Associated Press that he thinks about entering the dunk contest All-Star weekend, but he hesitates.

One of the game’s best dunkers, James acknowledged Friday that he often considers committing to be part of the field, then finds himself waffling.

James said at some points he tells himself, “Yeah, I’m going to do it,” but then he thinks about the wear and tear on his body and reconsiders.

Wear and tear? If I were the cynical type I’d think he realizes it is almost a no-win situation for him. Not only would he have to come up with amazing and creative dunks — something he is fully capable of — and not only would he have to win this year, he’d have to be one of the all-time best. LeBron would be compared to Jordan, Dominique, Dwight Howard and the best of the best from this contest. It’s a crazy high standard.

Plus, James watches the highlights and knows what is out there.

James noted that competing against the likes of Blake Griffin would be a challenge and says, “he’s already got the home court advantage.”