Corey Maggette grades his time with Bucks an “F”

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This has been a rough season for Corey Maggette and the Bucks. He was supposed to come in and be the scoring machine off the bench that the team needed last season.

Instead he’s playing 10 minutes less a game than last year, is shooting 39.4 percent (down from 51.6 percent last season) and is scoring 10 points fewer per game. Granted, that was in the free wheeling Don Nelson system, but still this season has been a disappointment for Maggette and the team.

Don’t believe me? See what happened when the Journal-Sentinel asked him to grade his season so far with the Bucks.

“If I had to grade it, I’d grade it an F,” Maggette said of his time with the Bucks. “I’m just going to be honest. We’ve still got a lot of time. We’ve still got to stay positive.”

The injuries — to Andrew Bogut and now to Brandon Jennings — have slowed the team, which is 12-18 and has the worst offense in the Association. But they also slowed Maggette. He missed all of preseason after arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle. He has never found his groove.

Neither have the Bucks. But through it all they are tied for the eighth playoff slot in the East — far below the expectations for the team but pretty good considering all the hurdles. And Maggette’s attitude is professional and positive, which is exactly what the team needs.

If the Bucks can get healthy and get a rhythm they can become again what they were last season — the hot team at the end everybody wants to avoid in the first round. Then comes the playoffs and who knows what happens.