Cavaliers sign Alonzo Gee


Everywhere he has landed in the NBA, Alonzo Gee has heard mostly good things about his skills. He has been told he belongs in the NBA. Then he has been cut.

Gee was the D-League Rookie of the Year, was a favorite with the Washington Wizards, left for more guaranteed money in San Antonio and got good reviews from the Spurs staff. But he keeps getting waived. He has bounced between the two franchises this season and last, only to be let go each time, pushed out by a numbers game at another position.

Now maybe he will finally stick with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who brought him in to replace Jawad Williams, the team announced.

The Cavaliers are desperate for an injection of… anything really. Offense, defense, energy. If you can bring something to the table steadily you can get run with this team right now.

Hopefully Gee can do that. Maybe this can be the place he sticks.