Roy tries to be patient, admits he may never be pain free


Brandon Roy has never been patient with his body and injuries. He pushes to get back — maybe faster than doctors want.

But not this time. He is out for a while (at least a week) resting his left knee. Roy admitted the Oregonian he may never be pain free but this time he is going to listen to his body, rest and rehabilitate his knee and come back when things are much better.

“I just want to really give this rest a chance to try to get me back to where I’m feeling confident that I can come back for the rest of the year and not just a few games,” Roy said. “I think coach (Nate McMillan) and the guys understand. I don’t think it would be smart to try to push it right now when I still have a little more time to gain some rest.”

NBA TV’s Chris Webber suggested Roy may want to shut it down for the season, but Roy says that is not in the cards.

“There’s a lot of season left,” Roy said. “So I don’t want to just say cut out of the whole year. Because there are a lot of games to be played. I’m hopeful that I’ll feel much better after this week and seeing some improvement will be encouraging to me.”