Paul Silas says he wants Bobcats to run more


Has there ever been a coach hired who hasn’t said he wants his team to run more? If Jeff Van Gundy were hired to replace Mike D’Antoni, I fully expect Van Gundy would walk into his first press conference and say he wants the team to run more. It’s something coaches just say even when they don’t mean it.

Paul Silas may actually mean it.

His first practice Thursday as the new head man with the Charlotte Bobcats — replacing Larry Brown — was run with a 14-second shot clock. He told the Associated Press this team needed to get out in transition.

“I want to bring some energy to this ball club,” Silas said after being introduced as the fourth head coach in franchise history. “I want us to get up and down and let it all hang out. If they don’t want to get up and down, they can come sit down by me.”

“We’ve got shooters,” Silas said. “We’ve got defenders. We’ve got shot blockers. We’ve got all the ingredients that you need. The guys just have to get out and play and believe in themselves and believe that I believe in them. I’ve found that if you have a confident player, it’s unbelievable what he can do.”

Under Larry Brown, the Bobcats averaged 93.2 possessions per game — only eight teams in the league play slower. That worked better last season when the Bobcats were an elite defensive team, this season nothing has really worked for the 9-19 team.

Maybe running will. They can’t be much worse.