No surgery for Vince Carter, just rest and rehab


Vince Carter’s knee still isn’t good, but it isn’t so bad as to need surgery either.

That’s the good news from the doctors in Phoenix who looked at an MRI and decided what Carter needs is some rest and rehab, according to a tweet from Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic. Having his knee scoped had been an option on the table and that would have had him out at least a month.

Carter will miss Thursday’s Suns game against the Heat, which means his debut with the Suns will be put off until at least Sunday against the Clippers. Maybe longer. Probably longer.

Now the miracle-workers in the Phoenix training staff — who were able to keep Shaquille O’Neal as healthy as he had been for a decade and have Grant Hill playing well at age 67 — will have a go at Carter. Which may be the best thing for him.