Blake Griffin says he’ll do dunk contest if asked — and he’s never lost one


Blake Griffin is a pretty humble, mild-mannered guy. Until you get between him and the rim. Just ask Timofey Mozgov. End up in the wrong spot and you end up on one of Blake’s fast-growing collection of poster shots.

Griffin’s dunks are almost as big on YouTube as videos of kittens, so the next logical question becomes: He is going to do the All-Star Weekend dunk contest? Right?’s Steve Aschburner asked him without openly begging him to do it like I would have.

That would be cool. If it’s something that the league wants me to do, I’ll probably try to do it.

Griffin adds he has never lost a dunk contest. He won the McDonald’s High School All-American one and he said a few other smaller ones. Nothing quite like this, however.

Griffin dunking on Saturday night would be good news, the league needs something to spice up the contest after last year’s nap-inducing event.

Go read the whole Q&A. The Clippers’ Griffin is the kind of person you want on your team and in your community. Not flashy, not intimidated (what Clipper curse?) and a guy more about doing the work than the lifestyle.

He’s not all about the dunks. But he may be for one night in February.