Rashard Lewis dealing with being traded


For every Gilbert Arenas given a second chance on a contending team, there is a guy shipped from a contender to a rebuilding team who has to make the best of it.

Meet Rashard Lewis.

The veteran stretch four has gone from being a starter on a strong playoff team to the veteran on a rebuilding team where a rookie point guard is the future. He told the Washington Post that is an adjustment.

“Going from a team that is competing for a championship to a team that’s rebuilding, the goals obviously change for me,” said the 6-10 Lewis, who was acquired Saturday in exchange for Gilbert Arenas. “I thought about that ever since the trade happened. Now, my ultimate goal is to get this team into the playoffs or into the hunt to make the playoffs and help these guys grow [by] being a veteran in the locker room, not by voice but most definitely by example….”

“My first reaction was obviously a little surprise as well as a little bit upset because it happened so quick,” he said. “But my being in the league 12 years, it wasn’t as big of a blow to me because I’ve been on teams where different teammates get traded. So I think I was prepared, built up a wall to where [I knew] it could happen to anybody at any time. I’ve seen the business side of it.”

Trades can be hard on veterans — the questions about moving your family on a minute’s notice can weigh heavily. But Lewis is handling it like a professional. And saying all the right things, just like you expect of a veteran.