Bulls lose to the Clippers — think they miss Joakim Noah now?


For all of you out there insistent that the Bulls should put Joakim Noah in the offer package for Carmelo Anthony — did you watch your team Saturday?

The Bulls lost at home to the Los Angeles Clippers. Yes, those Clippers, who picked up their seventh win of the season that night. Blake Griffin went off for 29 points on 10-18 shooting, and he got to the line 12 times. Griffin was 5-7 in shots at the rim. As a team the Clippers were 16 of 23 at the rim or 69.6 percent. For the season, the worst defensive team at the rim is the Warriors and they allow opponents to shoot 58.7 percent.

Think you miss Joakim Noah now?

Yes, there are caveats here. Like Blake Griffin is really good and a freakish athlete. Yes, this is just one game. Yes, the Clippers have a few players and might have won this game if Noah was there.

But the hole in the middle looked like a cavern.

Omer Asik is going to have to do more defensively. Kurt Thomas is just going to have to do more. As a team the Bulls are going to have to play better defense.

Tom Thibodeau is one coach who can figure it all out, who might be the best person to come up with a Plan B. One that can patch the holes for two months while Noah recovers from surgery to repair a ligament in his thumb. Then after that there will be time for the Bulls to get all the gears to mesh before the playoffs.

But one game showed just how vital Noah is to the Bulls.