Count J.R. Smith out of the dunk contest

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I’m just saying… we could go ahead and give it to him anyway.

J.R. Smith spoke to FanHouse after that absolute demolition of Gary Neal last week. You know, that dunk that was so bad Neal’s cousin’s realtor felt like he got yammed on? Turns out you shouldn’t expect to see J.R. lacing them up at All-Star weekend:


“Nah, I’m going to let somebody else do that one,” Smith told FanHouse.

So wait a minute. Smith, who has been in two previous NBA dunk contests, would turn down an invitation?

“Yeah, they got a few young guys,” said Smith, a seven-year veteran despite being just 25.

via J.R. Smith Won’t Be in Dunk Contest Despite Recent Thrilling Slam — NBA FanHouse.

Aw, now that’s a shame.

Smith has been known to  do some serious yamming in his time,but it’s good to hear that the NBA is letting the youngsters have a go at it. With Dwight Howard also out, and maybe, possibly, please God let Nate Robinson not return, the NBA might have a crop of interesting kids for the event. That said, resuscitating it will still be a hefty trick considering how cynical we’ve gotten about it.

Like I said, I’d be okay with giving Smith the trophy now and calling it a day.